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Créatives idées de rangement pour la salle de bains!

Slivers of Space Storage Doors and Windows Seat and Storage The space around windows can also be tapped for storage, as well as extra seating. Built-ins allow for customization, but you can also get this look with tall, freestanding bookcases and a bench.


The heat wave has broken and there's a delightful breeze. Now if I just had a deck chair full of pillows I'd be all set. image


subtle chinoiserie of gold & grey . custom hand-painted wallcovering by de Gournay . Alessandra Branca, designer - elegant decor


- Horses - Tweed - Hounds - Vellichor - ______________________________________________________________________________ "The gentleman falls in love with his dogs and horses, and out of love with everything else. - Lady Montagu, 1712