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dandelionghost: bloodmilk: planchette: sideshoweliza: Group gathered at a seance. c. 1920. Photo by William Hope (1863-1933)

12 Creepy Images You'll Have to Look Closer at to Understand

Mademoiselle Blanche Monnier held captive in a room for 25 years by her mother. This is the photo of her in the day she was found.

Ras al-khaimah djinn, UAE. A young man went in the caves in Ras el Khaimah to take pictures in caves known to be deserted, with a friend. The person who had been with him called the police saying he had seen his friend’s flash go off and then his friend screamed. He called his friend but never got an answer and got scared that he’d fallen so went to the police. A few hours later they found the man in the cave dead and the single picture found in his camera is this one.”

The Bell Witch Cave - The Legend of the Bell Witch is probably the most well verified haunting in the history of the USA. Even U.S. President Andrew Jackson experienced this entity in person. Said after the encounter - he would rather fight the entire British Army than fight the Bell Witch! (Adams, Tennessee)♡