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“Sheepish” by Karena Goldfinch I know I've pinned this sheep before, but I just love it and didn't have the photographers name before.

Beautiful Wild animals pictures and Nature Photo Gallery ~ UNUSUAL THINGs Photos of Wild Animals Captured from Just a Few Feet Away.


Grizzly Bear chasing Gray Wolf beside Lamar River of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Western USA_ USA

Blue Butterfly on a Pink Flower – Amazing Pictures - Amazing Travel Pictures with Maps for All Around the World

Panther chameleon "unconventionality" by zoohiko 2011-08 (@Tony Gebely Wang 6017945830) 型破り(パンサーカメレオン) -)

Panther Chameleon ~ live in Madagascar in tropical forest biomes. Males are more vibrantly colored than the females. Coloration varies with location, and the different color patterns of Panther Chameleons are commonly referred to as 'locales', which are

donkey- too cute! This should be a christmas card!

Snowman: Hey you Donkey! Donkey: What? Snowman: What are you doing? Donkey: Eating a carrot, so? Snowman: It's my nose! Donkey: Then get a real nose! Not a carrot nose!


I want a donkey. They're very social animals, so probably two donkeys and a bunch of goats. Imagine having a bad day and just go to your donkeys and hug them


rolled up hedgehog. I got to pet a wild one in New Zealand, they are so docile and sweet :)