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Golden field in a storm | Philip Klinger

storm, barley field, Germany, lol but I thought "amber waves of grain!

Storm on Poppy Field

Bloom where you are planted ♂ Storm over red poppy flowers field Sabalan by farshid alizadeh

wild waters flow: different cloud formations Check out more from HangSafe Hooks on Pinterest or visit our web-sight at HangSafe Hooks.com

Cloud types - I remember these from grade science class

Paisagem by cmmaciel

There Came a Wind (Wisconsin storm) by Phil~Koch. Green sky usually means perfect conditions for a tornado.

Sea clouds..... | My Photo | Scoop.it

Sea clouds.....

dark moody clouds and sky, incoming storm beautiful nature

Storm, Oregon Coast

Storm, Oregon Coast by DocNougat (Some people get ocean view rooms just for the storm watching.

When Lightning Strikes Sand. Fulgurites (Latin, meaning "thunderbolt")  Sometimes referred to as petrified lightning, they are natural hollow glass tubes formed by lightning strikes in quartzose sand, silica, or soil. (Wikipedpia)

When Lightning Strikes Sand

Fulgurite - Sand hit by lightning. This picture is not Fulgurite by the way.This is a stick with wet sand on it.Fulgurite is usually found in the ground where lightning has struck and is usually very small glass tubules.