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Whirl & Roddy, by dataglitch

who wanted Whirl and Roddy playing this was kind of hard because I never drawn Rodimus before:B hope ya like it!

Rung is 2000% done right now,by herzspalter.

Rung is done right now,by herzspalter.

can we keep him by Autumn123Charlotte on DeviantArt

request from  i think Grimlock is really like OP, i think, maybe.

tf baymovie human - 2 by Autumn123Charlotte on DeviantArt

tf baymovie human - 2 by on DeviantArt <<< I normally don't pin Transformers as Humans but her human versions are the best one so far!

Omg this is the best thing ive seen all day!<<<Ratchet and Weeljack in a gif

Ꭿutobots need love (ᶠᴬᴺᴬᴿᵀ)

Tbh Rodimus would do this...<<<<<<the autobot version of starscream

Tbh Rodimus would do this.<<<<<<the autobot version of starscream