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World's Largest Telephone my dad built for Southwest Telecom/MCI in Wichita Falls, Tx. It was sold to a Hollywood production company and used in end credits. Holler if you know which one.

In the '60s when I was a little girl, Mom ironed every day. I remember the "hisss" of the steam and the fresh smell of laundry starch as she pressed out the wrinkles from cotton shirts and dresses and sheet sets. She taught us to iron by starting out ironing my dads hankies.

This life-sized sculpture, located near Wichita Falls, Texas features a Comanche family crossing the Wichita River. The legend of their crossing defines where Wichita, KS and Wichita Falls got their names. This multi-part piece of art is of a Comanche woman, her child, & two braves set in the natural beauty of rock & flowing water. The woman is testing the river's depth, as the legend tells, and describes it as "waist-deep", which is how "Wee-chi-tah" is translated. Jack Stevens, Artist

from Atlas Obscura

Newby-McMahon Building

Wichita Falls, Texas Newby-McMahon Building World's smallest skyscraper, the product of a remarkable con

Wichita Falls Texas This sign has changed a couple times over the years, but the base has always had a special place in my family's heart. We were stationed here twice