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Everyone says that middle school is awful, but Trent knows nothing could be worse than the year he had in fifth grade, when a freak accident on Cedar Lake left one kid dead, and Trent with a brain full of terrible thoughts he can't get rid of. Trent’s pretty positive the entire disaster was his fault, so for him middle school feels like a fresh start, a chance to prove to everyone that he's not the horrible screw-up they seem to think he is.

A great book by Pat Schmatz about loss and loneliness and finding friends to help ease the pain. Love it!!

(Ages A stunningly rendered mystical novel, set in the remote mountains of Mexico in the illuminates the power of an unlikely friendship that blends cultures, magic, and possibilities.

When Burdock the barn cat sneaks into the Baxters’ farmhouse kitchen to hide behind a warm stove, he overhears a sinister plot that endangers all the animals on the farm. It’s up to him and his cacophonous cohorts to figure out how to bust out of the barn before it's too late. In this winning debut, readers will fall in love with the solitary cat, the self-effacing cow, the unstoppable pig, even a wayward she-owl—

How did the name Mary Mallon become synonymous with the deadly disease of typhoid? Who is really responsible for the lasting legacy of Typhoid Mary? In the biography, Bartoletti uncovers the truths and debunks the myths. Available as an Available as an e-book on Overdrive and as audio CD.

California girl Mai goes to Vietnam with her grandmother, who is going back to find out what really happened to her husband during the war. Mai’s parents think this trip will be a great opportunity to learn more about her culture. But to Mai, those are THEIR roots, not her own. Can she find a way to balance the two?

This biography of Daniel Ellsberg shows how he risked everything to expose massive government deception during the Vietnam War. Audio CD available.