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It’s all about the team. | Coates Hire Rally Australia 2015: VW RALLYTHEWORLD // There is no "I" in „World Rally Champion“! … Actually there is one, but you get the idea. A big thank you to each and everyone from the Volkswagen Motorsport team. Thank you for making this 3rd title in a row possible. This video is for you!

Air Volkswagen | Neste Oil Rally Finland 2015: VW RALLYTHEWORLD // Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now approaching WRC Rally Finland. For your own safety, please remain seated until we reach our final parking position. On behalf of Captain Mikkelsen and the entire crew, we wish you a pleasant stay at Rally Finland 2015! We expect an average of 80 jumps per stage and 30 seconds airtime.

Welcome to the Autostadt! | ADAC Rallye Deutschland 2015: VW RALLYTHEWORLD // Ahhh, that special new-car-smell in the Autostadt! Our drivers know exactly where to get one of those nice and powerful Volkswagen Polo R WRC. Andreas Mikklesen had his reasons for a new one for Rally Germany.

Bad Fin Good Finn | Neste Oil Rally Finland | 1000 Lakes Rally | WRC 2016 // First lesson of #RallyFinland: Watch the Fin(n)! Jari-Matti Latvala is coming home

Final Stage Wrap-Up | Rally Sweden | WRC 2016: VW RALLYTHEWORLD // What’s even better than driving the Volkswagen Polo R WRC? Flying the Polo R WRC over Colin’s Crest! With the help of the Volkswagen Driving Experience, we brought this dream to life for six lucky (and ballsy) fans at #RallySweden! We would write more about it, but the expressions of their faces tell all. #ExcitementWeShare #DoItForTheDrive

360° Stage | The Triple is yours! | World Rally Champions 2013, 2014, 2015: VW RALLYTHEWORLD // 360 never-seen-before angles from inside the Polo R WRC! Get your virtual rally-ty cardboard here:

The heat is on | Neste Oil Rally Finland: VW RALLYTHEWORLD // Our mechanics are already burning for Rally Finland. But they also know: You’ve got to use every chance for a little relaxation!

Speedtest | 73rd PZM Rally Poland | Rajd Polski | WRC 2016: VW RALLYTHEWORLD || Speed is essential for Rally Poland. Have a look at our special training!

German Joke | ADAC Rallye Deutschland | Rally Germany | WRC 2016: VW RALLYTHEWORLD // We don’t get it. Is this even a joke? Rally is serious business! #RallyGermany