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French Lilac

French Lilac | Pacifica This is such a gentle floral scent, almost caressing! Too bad i dropped it on tile and the bottle broke. I will just have to buy a new one.

Dreamy Youth Natural Solutions Kit

A modern take on the most ancient form of fragrance, Pacifica's dazzling new Solid Perfumes are made with organic soy and coconut wax and Pacifica's signature perfume blends with essential and natural oils. Warm and intoxicating in Madagascar Spice, they're adorable, affordable, totally portable and perfect for layering!

Woods & Resins

Avalon Juniper Solid Perfume | Pacifica | Vegan

Pacifica Gossamer Wings Palette is supernaturally rich, iridescent and long lasting creaseless eye shadows with a velvety, cream-like finish. A Target Exclusive!

These photos of beauty “battle stations” will inspire you to organize your makeup collection, STAT

These photos of beauty "battle stations" will inspire you to organize your makeup collection, STAT

Spring eyes. #FreshEyesForPacifica

Pure Rosewater

Chantecaille Pure Rosewater | 62.00 Nordstrom Pure Rosewater, Chantecaille's star skincare product, is the heart of their Aromacologie range. Hand-picked at dawn during the month of May in the hills of Grasse in Provence, France, the Rose de Mai petals are distilled in the purest artesian-well water to produce a healing, moisturizing and uplifting spray.

French Lilac

French Lilac Body Wash