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Street Art by Fintan Magee

Fintan Magee is a recognised Australian street artist known for his murals throughout Queensland and later in New South Wales. Fintan’s works are featured by large figurative paintings with a touch of surrealistic style. Fintan has contributed a lot of iconic murals in Australia – “First Coat”, “The Tate Gallery”, etc.

The Gambler Painting by Zaza Tuschmalischvili

Buy The Gambler, a Paper on Paper by Zaza Tuschmalischvili from Germany. It portrays: People, relevant to: playing, red, cards, card player, collage, gambling, group, men Contemporary work by renowned artist Zaza Tuschmalischvili in a figurative-surrealistic style. It's from the gambling-series.

Yahne Le Toumelin, in her non-figurative style which we could call lyrical abstraction, proceeds like the painters of icons, taking paint off in order to reach a certain balance. Her storms, her gusts of wind, her rain, her aurora borealis, her mineral surfaces – which each person may freely interpret – joins the art of her friends Mathieu, Soulages and Zao Wou-Ki. But as this book reminds the reader, she also had a Surrealist period under the wing of André Breton (who exhibited her work in…