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If a tree falls in a forest

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"Imagine a world where compassion has no barrier. It is a world that is happier, more interconnected, and where everyone benefits..." ♡ Matthieu Ricard

Storm and Silence - 37. Ambrosian Waste Disposal Squad

"His silence invaded your ears and pressed on your mind, making you wish for a single word to relieve you of the freezing, cold emptiness." - from Storm and Silence (on Wattpad) #quote #wattpad

I'm hurt. It feels like I lost a close family member. Is it because my pain makes many uncomfortable that people try to brush off my feelings? 1000s of families are feeling this way and if you can't feel empathy and some form of understanding that is NOT my/our fault. This is BEYOND Politics and if you don't allow yourself to SEE this then you are taking an ACTIVE part with your silence and/or judgment. I will NOT apologize for not being able to spew glitter and magic that you are now…

in de stilte, vrij van alles, ontdek jij wie je werkelijk wilt zijn en bent...... #helderdromen #krishnamurti #meditatie

Although I have many feelings about the things that have been happening around the kingdom, I don't know what to believe. Instead of acting out against anyone, I will sit silent and observe from a far. Everyone is starting to go mad and scare me though.

This is as real as it gets… I am not always together. I wear my heart on my sleeve for all to see without shame. I don’t know any other way to be. From time to time clouds build and the storms rage. It’s not pretty, right? Maybe too real? This is me…