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Making more texture creatures but thinkin on makin them elemental creatures so here's Boulder as a result but the air elemental is going to be hard to figure out

Lil texture thing I had tried out which I honestly think was pretty good and also made a little character out of it soo simple so here’s Smelt the charcoal slime

DEATHBITE baby ... Shipping baby ... I have no idea what to name her ... @AsCheesyAsPie do you know? Well this is one of there babies ... Making two .. I think it's KAWAII

A cute thing i made. I added the sites I'm on, speaking of that soon I (Fixed Broken Heart) will have a YouTube channel when I can make it so I'll let you guys know about that soon. But this was made for a little plan me and my friend are making to become roommates in the near future as i only have four years left of school

Rainbowdash drawing I did in my spare time a while back cause I was trying to keep something as a reference to myself cause I have no clue how to do stuff again ;; but anyway here's me trying to get a style going

Say hello To the Ketchum twins, Childrento misty and ash. Ashly and ashton! Ashly is a bit morbid and has a dark sense of humor. She isn't always positive and can be very violent. Ashton is bold and confident, not afraid to speak his mind. (By:Victoria rose) (sorry about his hair. It's hard DX)

Mami. So i found this one artwork in my old 7th grade teachers class of the cat-alien (i forgot it's name) from Modoka Majica amd he let me keep the artwork of a random student of his, now I'm going to repay that person with my own art

Finished!! This is Joel the jackal. She's 17 and loves skateboarding and music. She has a pet cat named pancake who I'll draw later and still working on the rest of her backstory