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OMG GUYS 210 FOLLOWERS!! I love you guys do much. Thank you. I wish you were more active because y'all are amazing

I combined @lilypadlacquer 'Strip Tease' and @whatsupnails greek tape vinyls to create this look and woah, talk about peel porn.. peeling off vinyl porn! You guys will see when I post the tute later! Perfect for my short little 'nubbins'. #promakeuptutor #makeup #style #fashion #nails #eyes

I'm Levi Jarlath, a photographer like my sisters we're taking over the design art agnency which is weird cause its more like free lance where jobs are. I try to avoid shoots with other guys cause i'm gay and i dont want anything to destract me, i'm also 24

Woah, woah, woah, you guys. You can now wear all of your favourite food. We’re talking biscuit clutches, red velvet cake purses and pasta bow ties. Rommy Kuperus is the mastermind behind these delicious pieces, because why not combine your love of fashion with your love of food? Welcome to 2016. rommydebommy.com Want more yummy content? Sign up to our newsletter for more FJ goodness.

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