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McCoy On Movies: Divergent -- It's based on a best-selling book series, but is Divergent different enough from to make it stand out from its closest, “hungriest” competitor in the teen action drama heroine film genre? Click here to find out! #cincychic #Divergent

A local videographer launches the first and only film festival solely dedicated to wedding videos. Learn more about it, how you can vote on your favorite flick and when the awards will be given this year. #cincychic #wedding #cincinnati

UC Health Women's Center is launching a new series of free Movie Nights to bring women together for pampering and health information, all while taking in a fun chick flick.

It’s the unexpected, mysterious companion-kind-of-a-sequel to 2008’s Cloverfield. But is 10 Cloverfield Lane surrounded in mystery because it’s awful or awfully good? Click here to find out!

Is How to Be Single the perfect cure for a Hallmark holiday? See what our movie critic has to say!

Comedy duo Key & Peele hit the big screen for a funny debut. Read on to see if our movie critic thinks it’s the cat’s meow or less than purr-fect.