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The truth about Loki, and this also goes for Thor! My life is complete!!!

Hadn't thought about this. Thor and Loki: Disney Princes for reals, yo.but i still hate the fact that Disney owns Marvel. i love disney, love marvel, i just cant picture them together.or lucas films and i better stop x/

Lion King  = avengers

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Thor and Loki really do remind me of Mufasa and Scar. Love the Lion King, love Thor! Similarities are so scary. all four characters in this meme are Disney Royalty. Two brothers have the rights to the throne. And the other two brothers are jealous.

haha poor Hiccup. "you just gestured to all of me", The. Loki said to Thor...I have plans for this one..see I will make him friends to a dragon, it'll be so funny!! ......later, Thor to Loki....well look how that one turned out, haha, another brother!!

You know this technically isn't a crossover. Hiccup and his family are Vikings. Thor, Loki, Odin etc. are Viking gods. So like all the bad luck on Hiccup could've been Loki messing around. XD How to train your Dragon Norse / Viking Gods

23 Reasons Why Loki Fans Are The Greatest | MTV Movie Awards. Plus we're pretty crazy.

23 Reasons Why Loki Fans Are The Greatest


Loki will be the groom in said wedding << Yep, at my wedding! I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry.

Chris Evans and Tom talking about Halloween

Tom Hiddleston and Chris Evans discuss their Halloween costumes (gif)<<the left boob grab again.

This makes me love Chris Evans even more now!

Bronycon Was in New Jersey, Not Pennsylvania

Chris Evans is a Brony. I knew there was a reason Captain America is my favorite hero.<------- Favorite Avenger, but my favorite villain is Loki<------Favorite Hero of all time. I KNEW there was a reason!

Thor: The Dark World Comedy Central Loki Promos - YouTube --> Tom Hiddleston wins at life.

Thor: The Dark World Comedy Central Loki Promos, all in one, just in case you missed 'em:)