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Bait Vs. Lures: Which is Best For You?

Once the PVC is up to temperature, slide it over the Modello bottle until it stops on the notch below the neck as pictured.  The PVC should easily slide into place.  If it doesn't expand smoothly with little pressure, it is not hot enough.  Leave it on the bottle for a few seconds and slide it back off.  Repeat this sliding-on-and-off process as it cools.  DO NOT leave the PVC on the bottle for an extended period of time.  As the PVC cools it shrinks.  If it is left on the bottle, this could…

Ultimate DIY Kayak Crate Heating PVC to form fit parts to non-standard shapes

Texas Rigging for Bass Fishing | Fix.com

Mastering the Texas Rig

Want to catch more fish and lose less lures? Try the Texas rig! This top soft-plastic fishing method will help you land more bass and save you cash.

Learn how to read the water to fish for trout in a stream! #Fishing

Where’s That Trout? Learn How to Locate Trout in a Stream

Pre Spawn Bass Season (Infographic) | Ninja Infographic

Everyone loves bass fishing during the pre spawn. Winter is ending and Spring is just beginning. The days are getting warmer and longer. It's a great time to fish because the bass are eating everythin