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25 Natural Hair Care Tips and Tricks You Need To Know

To Live By... It is almost as if you have to relearn everything you ever knew about hair. Especially since what was taught was mostly for straight here. Yay!!!! Such a wonderful time for curlies from all nationalities. TIPS FOR GROWING LONG NATURAL HAIR

DIY Natural Hair Care (with recipes)

If I ever get the guts to do this. From original pinner: 10 parts water mixed with 1 part apple cider vinegar, apply to hair, leave minutes, rinse. This can be done between shampoo & conditioner for normal washes or before conditioner for co-washes

Hair Care Tips and Tricks

Hair Care Tips and Tricks ........ Make every day a good hair day by taking good care of your hair. Here are tips on how to give your hair the care and nourishment it needs to prevent problems before they start. From getting the right cut to choosing products that are right for your hair styles, there are several simple things you can do to make sure your locks always look their best....kur <3

How To Use Coconut Oil For Hair - AMAZING Moisturizer!

4 Natural Hair Breakage Treatment Tips Levels of Hair Breakage and How to Fix Damage from Moisture Deficiency in Natural Hair:

The Max Hydration Method! - Complete Natural Hair Tutorial natural hair care tips and tricks More