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Narrow-strip cloth sample (aso oke: 'cloth from up country'). Fuchsia cotton weft; warp design composed of fuchsia cotton, silver, blue and gold lurex stripes. This is an example of the recently-introduced wider cloth strips.

Textile: composed of six narrow strip woven cotton lengths hand sewn together selvedge to selvedge. Plain weave: dyed yellow, red, black and bleached white cotton warps and wefts. This creates yellow, white, red and dark red warp stripes which are crossed at each end by black and white weft stripes. The textile is finished by unworked warps.

"Ndop" which is a raffia, stitched-resist, indigo dyed, textile done primarily in Cameroon but also in other West African countries.

This sample book was a marketing tool; it contains swatches of fabric made by the Manchester manufacturing firm of Benjamin and John Bower. The samples on this page are woven with a very fine cotton warp and single, silk weft

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Meiji watari-cotton boro Stripe Patchwork futon Cover