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Individuals that are all white with red eyes, beaks and feet are categorised as albinos. They are homozyogous which means that the parents have both carried the same gene, in this instance

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'Big Year' Birders Count More Than Four & Twenty Blackbirds [Videos]

Aunque sea una foto truqueada, se ve espectacular.

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So Adorable

Omg.!!! I can stare at those eyes all day..

"When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul." I also see my family that loves me unconditionally. Amen.

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❤Baby Love❤ ~fluffy perfection: such a cute puppy photo! here to find out more

A.D. Williams, Absolutely what I see, how people can decide animals arn't worth living i'll never understand.

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How do I keep centipedes out of my house?

Awe she looks sad.. She's saying Monica pleeease take me home!! I want her!! SOOO BAD!!

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Osprey, amazing shot! feet first, it looks like it closes its eyes just before impact? This is the 'Seahawk' from what I understand. That there is no actual bird called a 'seahawk'. the coloring on the side of the head is just like on the NFL helmets, a stripe from eye to the back of the head. Love this picture!!

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Gorgeous wild

African Wild Animals Bongo #LIFECommunity #Favorites From Pin Board #16. He has such a beautiful face.