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Individuals that are all white with red eyes, beaks and feet are categorised as albinos. They are homozyogous which means that the parents have both carried the same gene, in this instance

Adaptations: Bird Beaks. Create a bucket of "bird food". Then provide each student with a beak tool, like tongs, chopsticks, eye droppers, forks, pliers, tweezers, toothpicks, & clothespins. They should try to gather as much food as they can.

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Torn Paper Owlets - We began by drawing the owl step-by-step and ripping brown paper to create the owl's feathers. Ripping the paper was a great way to work on fine motor skill development. The students practiced cutting by tracing two cups for the yellow eyes and cutting them out. They added details such as legs, eyes, and a beak to complete the baby owl.


bowl cut canaries

"Happiness is a warm gun" Even the birds want to be like them <3