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What is Diversity? {Egg Activity for Martin Luther King Jr. Day}

Image 1.26 In building a classroom community, students of different diversities need to be included. I feel it is important to teach diversity, and be inclusive of different ethnicities and races. By fostering group work and emphasizing the importance of each individual's input in the group, students will view diversity to be something to be valued.

The sum-up from this post: People shouldn’t be judged on race. BUT Race does matter. Everyone is equal BUT Not everyone is treated equally

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Diversity to me is beautiful and it strengthens our nation to learn about other cultures. Diversity is beautiful, and as long as you keep an open mind it can be to you as well. More

Saying these things just isn't right. A woman should have the same rights as every other man. It's not fair to put her down

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Raise Your Hand If You're Not Perfect

Beauty multiplied.. I like this better than "Diversity". That seems to divide, really. Goulash doesn't really work. Hmmm ... potpourri ?