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Anglo-Saxon, early 7th century AD Sutton Hoo, Suffolk, England The bronze eyebrows are inlaid with silver wire and garnets. Each ends in a gilt-bronze boars-head - perhaps a symbol of strength and courage. Between the eyebrows, is a gilded dragon-head lying nose to nose with a similar dragon-head at the end of the low crest that runs over the cap. The nose, eyebrows and dragon make up a great bird with outstretched wings that flies on the helmet.

История вещей, костюма, искусства, мебели, интерьера и быта от художника кино. - Старинные шлемы и доспехи.15-16 век. Часть 2.

Important Cultural Property, Ichinotani form helmet, dō-maru armor, Momoyma Period (late 16th century). One of the armors of a primary Fukuoka lord, Nagamasa Kuroda.

- Casco de gladiador Tharaex o Tracio - Llamado asi porque su armamento imitaba al de los Tracios - Bulgaria ./tcc/

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