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This is my first page... Back when I only had this bulky Royal KHM placed on a cold damp corner of my basement.... That I goodness for the invention of portable typewriters!

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Structure of a Novel - How to Write a Chapter

Wondering how to write a chapter? What is a chapter? What purpose does it serve? How do you begin a chapter or end one? Read this guide.

Condensing a novel into a short, enticing book blurb that convinces readers to buy is no easy task. If you have no idea what to include in your blurb, this simple outline of the must-haves will help!


How To Write A Novel Outline (Like the Lady Boss You Are!)

How To Write A Novel Outline (like the lady boss you are) from the How To Write A Story guide on

A Tale for the Time Being: A Novel by Ruth Ozeki,

Write Your Novel In A Year - Week 35: 3 Must-Have Scenes That Reveal Character - Writers Write

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How to Make a Plot Board

A Novel Idea: How to Make a Plot Board--it's super simple, it will keep your story organized, and I even made a video!


A Guide to Fantasy and Fairy Tale Fiction for Self-Published Authors

Get this quick and easy guide that goes through 10 things to do and not to do when writing in the fantasy and fairy tale genres. If you've been itching to start your next novel in either of these genres, but don't know where to start--consider this your starting point! Download the guide by clicking over to the blog post and then clicking the link within the post!

A Tale of Two Cities Infographic | Course Hero