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Alpha Male vs Beta Male - learn the differences. Many men try to act like Alphas but they can't carry the deception on for long, their true qualities always show through.

Afternoon eye candy: Hotties with dark hair and light eyes (30 photos)

Matt Lanter ... My second favourite alien ... Naturally we started watching a show earlier this year and naturally it got cancelled ... But I did enjoy this kinda Max Evans ...

My new favourite nails ever! Done 100% with polish! Snapchat fam know these have been on for a few days but I've been super busy working and editing the full length tutorial for YouTube for you guys that shows how I paint my right hand too so they match! My most in depth video yet! It's uploading right now for you guys! Seriously, never want to remove these. May wear them till they chip off

guys comment some suggestions for songs i could cover!! i think i'm gonna put a one on the album i'm making. it's gonna be called "i'm not pretty when i cry" and it will be on my bandcamp. i'll show u guys the artwork later on. stay tuned!!