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(99) Одноклассники

Making them Famous is bad enough, but President ... it's just absolutely horrific and intolerable. Please ... Never Again!!!

If anyone is overrated in this exchange...the award goes to Trumpet!

PLEASE tell us what was in your heart (like your BS spokeswoman-troll expects us to glean) so we know what you meant when you did this. or didn't do this. whatever, fuckhead.

Bill ✔️. Bill Gibson-Patmore. (curation & caption: @BillGP). Bill✔️

And was a thoughtful, caring, and intelligent man who, on top of everything else was a good husband and father.

Remember, it's not Lying if your so damn dumb you have no idea how to tell the truth.

Trump will bring America down, 140 characters at a time.

Don the Con Trump. And y3s Donnie will find a way to be more childish, immature and an embarrassment to the United States of America.

Don's been coned Trump