street art The Inventor and Master of Sidewalk Chalk Art – Kurt Wenner Awesome art!

Cool elevator!  Lmao

The great escalator was made for The Simpsons movie. It features everyone’s favorite dolt chomping down on donuts at the bottom of the escalator. It looks like Homer Simpson eating a veggie burger.

36 Reality Defying 3D Chalk Drawings By Julian Beever [Gallery] : The Lion's Den University

Lift off from Cape Dover.This drawing was used to raise money for the BBC Children In Need Appeal 2013 - gefunden und gepinnt vom Immobilienmakler in Hannover: arthax-immobilien.

Credit: Sang Tan/AP 24 July 2008: A woman poses in Kurt Wenner's 3D illustration of an open vault containing British currency at Waterloo st...

3D street art around the world - in pictures

Absolutely Stunning Street Art (Paintings) pavement art: 24 July A woman poses in Kurt Wenner's illustration of an open vault

Amazing street art

Sidewalk Art Sidewalk Art 7 Stunning Street Arts by Julian Beever street street-art Art by Bruce Pennington - Voyage Of The Space Beagle

lego sidewalk drawing

So amazing to find out how these brilliant artist are doing it.Lego sidewalk art and I know what it is

3d street art  by

Sidewalk Art It's an entrance to Narnia! I would just be mad that that guy is standing on my art!