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An Egyptian bichrome glazed composition amulet of an Ibis of Thoth Late Dynastic Period, circa 664-332 B.C. Depicted squatting, in turquoise glaze, with long curving beak and suspension loop behind the head, the eyes and tail in darker turquoise glaze, 1 5/8in (4.2cm) long

This blue-green faience statuette of the god Thoth walking as an Ibis-headed male figure is a remarkable example of the elegance and balance of proportions that makes Dynasty 18 one of the pinnacles of classical art. Egypt, New Kingdom, 1570 BC–1314 BC. Egypt, Upper Egypt, Karnak.

Horus dressed in Roman military costume, Egypt, AD 50-300. At the British Museum. How else do you win over a nation’s heart but to mold your ideology with their own?