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Indian mallow-Abutilon palmeri. Lovely apricot colored blooms 8 months out of the year. Soft fuzzy green foliage. Cali native, supports loads of beneficial insects.

Rhamnus Californica - Coffee berry has almost dark green all year long and lovely berries that resemble those of a coffee plant. Though these are NOT edible for humans, they are extremely attractive and adds a layer of color lying at or slightly below leaf level in summer/fall months. There is a desirable richness with this dark green leaf with ripening berries ranging from lime green through rose, red and finally burgundy and almost black.

Quercus agrifolia - coast live oak No better habitat tree for your area. Bring back the coast live oaks! :)

Nassella pulchra - PURPLE NEEDLE GRASS is doing quite well along edges of side walks and in depressions that get a little extra water. I don't irrigate it, but it comes up where it wants to. Makes great dry flower arrangements.