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Red Velvet Dessert Lasagna

True love is Red Velvet Dessert Lasagna! Layers of cheesecake, chocolate pudding, and whipped cream make this perfect Valentine's Day dessert! Great for parties year round!

Christmas Lasagna

Christmas Lasagna is whimsical layered dessert with buttery red velvet shortbread cookie crust, peppermint cheesecake layer, white chocolate pudding, whipped cream and mini marshmallows on top.

Easy, delicious and very fudgy brownies that are red velvet! Perfect any time of the year, but are especially fun for Valentine's Day.

Red Velvet Cheesecake Cake

OLIVIA! BEST CAKE EVER: Red Velvet Cheesecake Cake -- a layer of luscious cheesecake sandwiched in between two layers of tender red velvet cake. Covered with cream cheese frosting and white chocolate shavings. Step-by-step instructions on how-to-make this

Red Velvet Peanut Butter Blossoms

Red Velvet peanut butter blossoms My notes: I omitted the cocoa and kept them pb cookies. This is the BEST pb cookie ever!!! Not too hard and not too soft. In my oven, rotate at 4 min mark, and then cook for 5 more minutes. It's a KEEPER.

Skinny Spinach Lasagna

Skinny Spinach Lasagna ~ thick layers of sauce, noodles, ricotta, spinach, and Mozzarella - 250 calories