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This is an example of someone using an internet chat service to communicate with their friends. It shows multiple people coming together in one group to talk to their unavailable friend, who is able to still maintain communication through the use of video chat. This is the primary purpose of video chat, to make communication more efficient.

This is an example of two people using a video chatting service, with what appears to be two friends or possibly lovers. In any case it shows that video chatting allows more personal communication than text messaging or phone calling in terms of long distance communication.

This is an image of a mother video chatting with her son and husband, who are clearly unavailable to speak with in person. However, thanks to the powers of video communication, they are able to see each other electronically in the absence of physical presence.

This is a funny image using an AIM chat service to show video chatting between a person and another individual who has their display picture coming up as the Mona Lisa, which is probably used for comedic purposes. However, the ability to alter your picture and allow for individual photos to be shown as your face photo is part of the continuously developing video chatting technology.

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This is a stock photo for Androids video chat feature, showing that Android has also gotten a piece of the video chatting pie in terms of new technology, as to not fall behind

This is an example of somebody using an android based video chatting feature on their phone. It appears similar to other platforms in terms of contacts and information, and is the Androids take on video communication.

This is an example of someone using technology for video chatting on a handheld device, which shows the furthering of technology in terms of video chat capabilities, extending to a smaller platform such as a hand held device.