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While it isn’t my favourite box, it contains some great brands, and everything will definitely be put to use. I got the chance to try out a product that I missed in the first box, as well as a high-end product I’ve considered purchasing over the years but hadn’t been able to shell out the money for.

Luckily, I have enough points in my glossy account for a complimentary box or sad to say this might be my last one.

Overall thoughts: 2/5. Well, when I add the value of my box up, I got my purchase price. However, almost everything in this box is a repeat for me, either in brand or actual product. I am really dissatisfied unfortunately this month.

Great products , but I just wasn't truly excited over anything !

One word came to mind when I opened this month's box. Underwhelming.

I wish that I could confidently say that GLOSSYBOX made up for there mistakes last month with this months box but that just wasn't the case. The products we received this month are great and specifically tailored for the cold Canadian winter, which I loved, but there just wasn't enough of a wow factor.

Oh this is sad. I was not motivated to write this post at all. Glossybox, what happened?? Are you trying to compete for the largest amount of dissatisfied customers with Glymm?

I was a little disappointed with the quality of products that they chose to include in this months box. I still feel that Glossybox is one of the better beauty boxes, but they did fall short this month.

Overall I was not so impressed with this box. I will find use for most of the items though, which is a good thing! It just seems to be a lot of what I have seen in the past and personally am not a bit "lip injection" type of gal lol.

To me, this box seemed practical not really luxurious. I will use almost all these items so I basically did get my $21 worth. But I don’t know...the continuous repeat samples? I guess I just have higher expectations for a beauty box that is now one of the most expensive in Canada.

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