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Grade 3 Informational Text Question Cards Task Cards - ANY NONFICTION TEXT

Writing Task Cards - Open-Ended Common Core Question Stem Task Cards- Grade 3

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Reading: Literature RL Grade 3 Question Stems USE WITH ANY BOOK

Reading: Literature Annotated Standards and Question Stems

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Outsiders by S.E. Hinton: BUNDLE (Novel Study Unit. Project, & Assessment)

Students always love reading "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton -- many students claim this is their favorite book ever! Save $6 when you purchase all 3 "Outsiders" projects together! This bundle includes a 3-Week Unit Plan, 8 engaging final projects, and a newspaper project that includes 6 writing assignments. Emphasis is on the themes of empathy and inclusion!

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Common Core Standards ELA Posters 3rd Grade

Set of 3rd Grade Common Core Standards Posters for ELA. Use these posters to display the ELA Common Core Standard you are teaching in your class. All posters are full page in size. Includes:* 5 title posters to mix and match that say, "Common Core English Language Arts - These are the skills we are working on."* A poster for each ELA Common Core Standard.* Teacher tips on how to use the posters in your classroomsPrint them, laminate them, and use them every year!Common Core State Standards…

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No Prep Grammar Usage Visual Aids, Quizzes, and Activities

Bundle: Grammar Usage Visual Aids, Quizzes, and Activities, aligned with Common Core State Standards

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Serve with the Brain in Mind

Multiple intelligences need not be daunting to middle, secondary or college classes. Yes, they replace lectures as a way to deliver key points of any lesson - but service is a great place to awaken many of these hidden or unused talents. Transform learner capabilities into service tools and learn more in your next class. Find practical supports to expand learning and assessment approaches, in task-packed service kit. Display posters in your learning community,

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Note-Taking Template for Non-Fiction Texts

4-page non-fiction note-taking template for middle and high school students.

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Finding the Main Idea: GIST Summarizing for 6-10 Graders

Finding the Main Idea: GIST Summarizing for 6-12 Graders

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