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Take those hands away. On another note that guy with him in the picture looks like he's about to start freaking out and fangirling right then and there!

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10 Times Louis Tomlinson and Kylie Jenner Were the Same Person  - Seventeen.com

10 Times Louis Tomlinson and Kylie Jenner Were the Same Person

Louis Tomlinson slapping Niall Horan gif This Is Us << Liam's face! And Zayn and Harry don't even look surprised. Hahahahahah :D>>>>>ahh what'd ya do dat fur

Easy ottoman slipcover directions...definitely going to need to do something about that nasty ottoman we have!

ottoman slipcover instructions the livingroom ottoman needs a facelift now that it has been repurposed as my son's step stool for his tall bed.

I thought i didn't need make up to cover up.............................. BEING THE WAY THAT I AM IS NOT ENOUGH!!!!!! :'(

One Direction & MUA Makeup Academy

funny one direction memes

If only these places were real. and i live in Louisiana hahaha

"don't need makeup to cover up"...  One Direction makeup starts selling July 31 in the UK!  sending mixed signals again, are we? This happened with thst "one thing" and all our "little things" as well. You could say im a bit confused, boys. Care to explain?:)

FIRST LOOK: One Direction launch makeup range with MUA Cosmetics

∞ One Direction → The band has paired up with British cosmetics retailer MUA to release the "Little Things Makeup Collection" a multiproduct line including lipstick, blush, lip and nail polish