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I was a combo of Anderson/John with Sherlock and probably a combination of Anderson/Lestrade when Moriarty popped up again!

He was the cabbie that took John and Mrs. Hudson to the cemetery...head canon accepted. <---this!

:,) I'm gonna miss cory way to much


Team Sherlock…

Team Sherlock…I want to do this now. I just need three other friends who would do this with me and @Jenn L Clees

Mrs. Hudson's Cats by Reapersun featuring Irene, Lestrade, Sherlock, John, Moriarty, Molly, and Mycroft

Sherlock, John, Mycroft, Greg, Mrs. Hudson, Molly, Jim, and Irene.

Long hair german shepherd puppy with daddy. Man's best friend! Beautiful family dogs!

Baby goat- gotta have land one day so I can have a couple of these cute little stinkers!!!

Sherlock/NCIS crossover--YES. And there's silver foxes in both! (I can so see Lestrade and Gibbs cracking beers together!)