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The Only 12 Exercises You Need To Get In Shape

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11 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism All Day Long

Welcome to the wall workout: No-equipment moves that require only a wall. Tone your abs, butt, thighs, arms and more. See the moves done step-by-step in our video!

Tone Your Whole Bod With a Wall

Tone Your Whole Bod With a Wall: Stand with right side to wall, feet together, left arm fully extended at shoulder height with hand on wall. Engage abs and slowly bend left elbow 90 degrees (as shown). Pause; return to start for 1 rep. Do 20 reps. Switch sides; repeat. Works triceps, obliques #SelfMagazine

The Flat-Abs-Fast Secret

Just repinning...I used to HATE these but they work! With your back against a wall, hold a medicine ball, or a kettle bell, with both hands in front of your chest and lower into a squat (a). Keeping your hips steady, twist to the left and reach the ball toward the wall (b). Return to centre. That's one rep. Repeat on the other side. Move back and forth at a slow, controlled pace for 20 total reps. Quick tip: Make it harder by fully extending your arms instead of bending your elbows..

7 Squat Variations You NEED to Try

7 Types of Squats. I kid you not, there is nothing better than a squat.

These 27 Workout Diagrams Are All You Need To Get In Shape This Summer

By doing these easy #exercise routine you can shrink you waist significantly #workout #waist