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6.06 "Sundown" – Among those living at the Temple, there was Cindy, the former flight attendant for Oceanic Airlines, and the missing kids from Flight 815, Zack and Emma. Here, everyone is listening to Sayid deliver a message from NotLocke.

IF I MISS A NEW EPISODE I AM GOING TO CRY<--i haven't seen a single one. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH MY LIFE SUCKS! *sob* cooooooooooooooooleee...

Recommended viewing: The Gilded Age to the Jazz Age

Again Agatha Christie does it to me! I get lost sitting and watching these series! A bunch of great British actors!

Frances Bavier,most noted for her performance as "Aunt Bee" on the Andy Griffith Show TV series

Three’s Company’s’ John Ritter died due to complications of the heart at the age of 54 on September 11, 2003