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6.06 "Sundown" – Among those living at the Temple, there was Cindy, the former flight attendant for Oceanic Airlines, and the missing kids from Flight 815, Zack and Emma. Here, everyone is listening to Sayid deliver a message from NotLocke.

6.06 "Sundown" – Sayid's niece and nephew found this picture of their mother in Sayid's bag.

6.06 “Sundown” – Sayid sits beside the Temple spring, being “claimed” and evil and hopeless. He has just killed both Dogen and Lennon. BEN: Sayid? Come on. I know a way out of here. There’s still time. [Sayid smiles darkly.] SAYID: Not for me. [Ben fearfully runs from the room.]

6.03 “What Kate Does” – Dogen with his son's baseball. We don’t yet know what that ball means to him, but we will soon find out. In 6.06 "Sundown", Dogen will tell Sayid the story of what happened to his 12-year-old son.

6.06 “Sundown” – In the Sideways World, Sayid goes to visit Nadia, who is married to Sayid’s brother, Omer, with two small children.

6.06 “Sundown” – In the Sideways World, Sayid greets his brother, Omer.

Lost (Season 6 -- Episode 5: Sundown) | DOGEN (HIROYUKI SANADA) When: Season 6, episode 6, ''Sundown'' How: An Other leader and the master-protector of the Temple, Dogen tried to convince Jack that…

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