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This unit has it all! You must check out the preview to see for yourself!Engage your students in an ongoing life science investigation by using t...

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Earth Science Pack

This unit is part of the Third Grade Science Bundle which includes all materials necessary for a year of hands-on, inquiry based science. While th...

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Third Grade Science Bundle

Third grade teachers-- CHECK. THIS. OUT.

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Flatworms and Roundworms Bundle

This bundled unit contains at least 2 weeks of teaching materials if you complete all of the enclosed labs. The title of this unit is Flatworms and Roundworms: The Phylum Platyhelminthes and the Phylum Nematoda. This unit has everything that a teacher needs to teach a unit on this topic to Biology or life science students. It includes all essential information on these two phyla, including planaria, acoelomates, pseudocoelomates, regeneration, degeneration, characteristics of parasi....

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Spooky Halloween Science Mini-Unit

Spooky Halloween Science Mini-Unit - This mini-unit includes 5 FUN and SPOOKY experiments/investigations that you can do with your class. Includes explicit teacher instructions, prep-work suggestions, the "behind-the-scenes" science and a 7-page student booklet. $

Get a little buggy with this third grade freebie! This resource includes two student pages that cover three language standards.

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3rd Day in 3rd Grade

3rd Day in 3rd Grade Have some fun with students with these task cards! It's a great way to enjoy the third day of third grade! $3

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Forces and Motion

Force and Motion: A Science Unit for Kids!

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Science Sound Unit First Second Grade