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Saul becomes a Christian Acts 9 1-20

This is a very full lesson that is centred around the dramatic events around Saul's conversion.The children are helped to realise we ALL must grow and change and that Jesus will lead us!There are drama activities, a trust walk to Damascus, art activity and a poem and songs to help deepen children's understanding.A feedback letter for parents is provided for you to sign and give out at the end.

Water into Wine – an after school club/sunday school teaching pack

Water into Wine – an after school club/sunday school teaching pack | Kimmiebee

May 2013 Theme for Powerzone (Teacher Page)

David and Goliath Bible Craft for Sunday School - David's Stones and Bag from www. Description from I searched for this on

This text is taken from St Paul's 2nd letter to the Thessalonians and reminds us of the comfort and strength that closeness to God offers.There are so many creative responses that this very full, detailed lesson could easily last over 2 Sundays or for a week in a Christian school.Stimulus pictures are provided and lots of art/craft, a simple chant, poem and song.As always, a parent feedback sheet is provided so your parents will understand what you have taught and be able to provide…

Enjoy these western inspired upper-case letters. This is my first attempt at creating a lettering product, so I am offering it for free and only ask for your honest feedback.All letters are in png format and can be easily resized.These letters are great for designing invitations, products for TPT, materials and decorations for your classroom and much more.

Lewis Center for Church Leadership article by Keith Anderson "Stop Complaining about Sunday Morning Sports". Asks great questions and offers other perspectives on the problem

Thai Language Hut

Student Feedback: "Thai training very good. Will be back I guess in 2015. Love you guys." Jan-Hendrik Jurgens - Henry (German) June 2014 More feedback from our Thai and English students here:

Dorm Room DIY: Spice Up Your Small Space

It looks like I'm late to the link-up, but I have a valid reason, I swear. Depressingly enough, Sunday was my last day in NYC and I packed...

ad Word Family CVC Games/Centers and Worksheets US/UK Versions

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