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Canday Cover: Rona van der Heijden - Canday 1e Birthday Party

This was a quick little project I did today for my carinal of chaos halloween party. Due to time/budget restraints, I've kept it simple, but the posibilities are endless.The box consists of $30 worth of lumber. (pine sides and frame, ply back)The mirror is a 1/8" piece of acrylic 2'x60" ($30 from my local plastic distributor.) I might add the same piece of acrylic was 90ish dollars from rona.The acrylic has been covered (inside) with a mirrored su

Class Reunion by Rona Jaffe,

Free Do-It-Yourself Play Center Building Plans from Rona, Inc. - Give your kids endless hours of fun with this DIY project. It's an easy-to...

Bloc Party Mengemas Rasa dalam Lantunan Irama