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Keep talking, you're fascinating 👁💥💣
Would I sound pathetic if I said this made me tear up a little?
I've used "I just said that" with my mom more times than I can count. But then, we both talk a LOT.
Always looking for different things since I'll be having a non-denominational wedding. This is one example I can really dig.
After i relapsed, my best friend/sister person found out, stopped talking to me for days, she was so mad at me, she went to her dads and when she was about to cone home she started talking to me again, texting, then today in school she kept complaining about how she wishes i could have came with her, and when i mentioned that i could have she was like how, i said "that was the plan both of us were supposed to go but you stopped talking to me so i couldnt go." and she said she had a good…
I wish people could see the way they treat others, take a step back and really think about this, is what I said or did rude, disrespectful, offensive? Put yourself in their shoes, am I treating others the way I would want someone to treat me? Were my actions or words uncalled for or unnecessary? All I can think is hopefully someday you realize how you've treated others, and thats never how you would want to be treated. Listen to what people really have to say, respect their...
What is there to say about "said"? Actually, quite a lot.  I prefer said and almost never use anything else.  "Answered" or "replied" or "lied" are my variations.
YES, The hetailans are EVERYWHERE <I found a bunch at my school because I accidentally yelled out "doitsu, help me" as I tripped and fell. One girl came up and said "that was a very unawesome fall. Do you need the awesome me's help?" And I jumped aND HUGGED HER SO HARD