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Perfect Warmup 2x 20 Spider Lunges 20 Airsquats 20 Pushups 20 Arm Windmills 20 Jump rope 20 Chair Dips 100M Run/Jog

CrossFit WOD "Warm UP" #getafterit #livewellnow @Reebok USA USA USA USA Burpees, Air squats, Kettlebell swings, Push-ups

A burpee warmup popular at some #CrossFit boxes - but with some added fun. TRY TO KEEP UP!

from POPSUGAR Fitness

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Looks like a good home workout warmup // 20 minutes cardio then this 2x

At home could also go on crossfit websites and see the workout of the day

EMOM 10 Burpees + Push-ups #CrossFit

handstand tabata warmup + 12 minute AMRAP. #fitfluential