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Terrifying Rooftop Photography From The Futurescapes of Shanghai by Jennifer Bin #inspiration #photography

Beautiful Travel and Adventure Photography by Reid Valmestad #inspiration #photography

Beautiful Marilyn Monroe Photographed by Andres de Dienes in October 1945

Fascinating Vintage Photographs of Janis Joplin Posing With Her Colorful 1965 Porsche 356c

Saved from the Titanic: Faces of Survival and Despair in One Photograph

22 Stunning Black and White Photographs That Capture Everyday Life in London during the 1940s and 1950s

This shot of narwhals by Paul Nicklen. "One of the most unique, special and elusive species I have ever had the pleasure of photographing is the Narwhal. The tusk just happens to grow out of a 16 foot long whale that lives in the Arctic ocean. With my friend and fellow pilot, Brian Knutsen we were able to find hundreds of these whales living way offshore in the drifting pack ice."

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