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from Lia Griffith

Wool Felt Raccoon Animal Ornaments

Continuing with our adorable felt animal ornament series, today we are sharing with you the pattern and tutorial for the raccoon. I just love this little guy holding his red mushroom. How cute will he be on top of your gift or hanging from your tree.

Soto is the store for the contemporary Berlin Mitte man, opened in April 2010 by three very contemporary Berlin Mitte men: David Fischer (above in the picture with his colleague Lia), Philip Gaedicke and Omer Ben-Michael, all with a background in fashion and sensing a certain gap in the selection of local menswear stores. They were longing for a store where they could assemble everything they personally liked and thus Soto caters to a volatile shopper, who wears a Thom Browne Oxford shirt…

"I will not." Asher spoke calmly. Lia's soft crying turned to sobs, his name falling from her lips. "Fine." Their captor spoke, turning the gun on Lia. "Then I'll shoot her." Lia's cries quieted, and she looked up at their captor. "Do it." She begged desperately. "Please. Kill me." Asher grabbed her arm and pulled her up gently. "I'm sorry." He said, voice shaking. "But I won't let that happen." And his fist collided with her stomach.

Falling in love with him was an amazing journey I wanted to take part in. I wanted everything with him and only him. Thing is, everything I'd been taught and everything I believed was against him. Total opposites, and yet he was my world. Is it not funny how we fall in love with the things our hearts say we can not have.

Izaya, Mairu & Kururi; Love all the fucks Izaya is giving.

Ruthless Canada... Maybe this is how he takes his anger out on America. By kicking his ass at hockey.