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TOM CORBETT - FAIL! - In their April 24, 2014 NEWS RELEASE the U.S. Dol once again lists Pennsylvania as a state with the largest increase in unemployment, see: In the April 18, 2014 NEWS RELEASE from the Nat'l Conference of State Legislatures, PENNSYLVANIA, Virginia and Illinois are listed as the top states that have experienced the largest jobs losses, shedding 8,400, 5,100, and 3,200 jobs respectively. SHAMEFUL, PA GOP, Just Shameful! What do you guys do, anyway?

Wikileaks Reveals Hillary Allowed Saudis To Arm ISIS During Wartime - YouTube

Old Hudson's building in Detroit implosion ...*It was an impressive department store. The old Hudson’s Building, once the largest department store in the world, 1983

This is me for books, animes, movies, cupcakes. You name it i can probably freakout over the top and GUARANTEED someone will walk in and be concerned for my well being and question my mental state of sanity.

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World’s Top 15 National Parks

glacier national park, the original pin was about what to wear. when i was there august 2010 on a motorcycle I wore long underwear, jeans, chaps, flannel shirt, hoodie, leather jacket with winter liner, and rain gear, by the afternoon I was wearing t shirt, jeans and leather vest. what a temp change. morning rain and snow afternoon hot and sunny.

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Need a Personal Shopper?

Our society strives to avoid any possibility of offending anyone - except God. -Billy Graham

This is what a class war looks like: Corporate lobbyists attacking the rights of workers from the top down.

The accuracy in this is....overwhelming