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Gulf of Mexico has plenty of familiarity with oil spills

The IXTOC I was an exploratory well that blew up in the Bay of Campeche (Southern Gulf of Mexico) on June 3, 1979, after oil and gas feeding from the well ignited. At its height the well may have pumped upwards of 30,000 barrels of oil (1.26 million gallons) into the Gulf a day; currents eventually brought the oil to the Texas shore that August. Engineers were finally able to cap the well on March 23, 1980. The spill is the second-largest in history.

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Three-year-old TIGER WOODS displaying his golf skills at the MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW with Bob Hope and Jimmy Stewart. ~ 1979.

11 Memorable Images from the 1970s

DURING THE OIL CRISIS OVER THE SUMMER OF 1979, CARS WITH A LICENSE PLATE PLATE ENDING IN AN ODD NUMBER were only allowed to buy gasoline on odd-numbered days, while even-numbered plate-holders could only purchase gas on even-numbered days. ~ June 1979

Nuclear Power Plant – Two major accidents

Protests following the Three Mile Island accident in Dauphin County, PA on March 28, 1979 - the partial nuclear meltdown was the worst accident in U.S. commercial nuclear power plant history - new energy portal blog

HOSTAGE ~ "U.S. Government Failure to End Dependence on Foreign Oil" ~ Washington Post, November 15, 1979.

Why a Programmable Thermostat?

In 1977, President Jimmy Carter declared that we were in the midst of an "energy crisis" that threatened to overwhelm us if we failed to act decisively. He created a Cabinet-level Department of Energy, funded alternative energy programs, even installed solar panels on the White House. Unfortunately, a few years later, Ronald Reagan made a point of undoing many of the significant and innovative initiatives championed by Carter, i.e., gutting energy programs, caving in to oil and auto . . . .

Russian dancer, choreographer, and actor MIKHAIL BARYSHNIKOV often cited as one of the greatest ballet dancers in history with Jackie KENNEDY ONASSIS. (1979)