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To kill everyday bacteria or if your baby has thrush and you need to kill yeast, soak toys and teethers in hot water and white vinegar for 30 min. Also wash towels and washcloths and burp cloths in vinegar and put out in sun to dry.

Get Your Newborn Sleeping Through the Night

Get Your Newborn Sleeping. It seems getting your baby to sleep at night is a common hurdle for new Moms and Dads. At this point in the game, sleep is that fine line between sanity and insanity. When you’re not getting any, it really wears on you! Use these 9 tips to help your baby get some Zzzs

New Mom Sleep Tips [Owlet Review]

New Mom Sleep Tips [Owlet Review] :

Did you know that Deals for Mommy gives away a prize every week? Every week they pick a new winner for their contest. The prize is diapers for a year! That's 365 days of free diapers, just for entering a contest. It's so easy, my toddler could do it.