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Orca Mom with calf....they touch one another often to express comfort and love. This continues for two years

Orca's in Captivity live less than half as long as those in the wild on average. In the wild they can live 50-80 years. In captivity they're lucky to make it into their 20's

from One Green Planet

Banksy’s Orca Leaping Out of a Toilet Bowl at ‘Dismal Land’ Is Possibly the Best Anti-SeaWorld Art Created

Seaworld San Diego to End Orca Show in 2016 ( It's a start - keep boycotting Seaworld!

Please do not support Sea World and all activities that have captured animals! Watch the movie Blackfish and The Cove (on Youtube). #Emptythetanks! It's now or never!

from It Is What It Is

Sea Shepherd’s Open Letter …. SeaWorld!!

This is an awesome article! I will never go to Sea World again. Black Fish confirmed what I thought.

Do You Ever Get Lonely? In fact, they deal with intense loneliness for years, then they go insane and you get to see the results on the news. If you go to the zoo or to waterparks, you are the reason they live enslaved lonely lives.

Help the World's Loneliest Orca ! PLEASE SIGN ! ! - Care2 News Network

Have you seen the #Blackfish film yet? Here's the info in a visual nutshell. Orcas: Wild vs Captive infographic.