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Beebower Productions. Hugh and his model hiked in the dark to this lake at Vermejo Park Ranch. They lugged camera bags, tripods and, of course, fly fishing gear. The idea was to capture a sunrise fly fishing shot. The sunrise gave a glow to the fisherman. Hugh was lucky because there were dramatic clouds that lit up with warm colors as the sun hit them. And he purposely chose a yellow line on the rod because it would snap out clearly from the background.

Beebower Productions The story behind the photo: During his first trip to Vermejo Park Ranch in New Mexico, Hugh traveled all over the ranch with a hunting guide named McGrew. The two quickly became friends. Hugh took this shot of McGrew during that trip as they moved down the mountain

Beebower Productions, Hugh shot this peaceful scene at Vermejo Park Ranch in New Mexico. He and the model along with a photo assistant hiked in to this location early one frigid fall morning. The pond sits at about 11,500 feet and the air was pretty thin. Everyone was a bit out of breath except the model. He was used to the conditions. But Hugh was lucky. That day the sky was perfect, the trees colorful and the pond flawlessly reflected the scenery. He had a great shot. Hugh wanted to capture the feel of a back-country elk hunting camp at Vermejo Park Ranch. The shoot took place just after sunset. To light the tent, Hugh placed two strobe heads in the back of the tent, facing up with diffusers to soften the light. He planned to silhouette the models. Outside, Hugh used another strobe to light the Dutch ovens and campfire. As a final touch, an assistant used a fog machine to create a bit of mystery in the background.

Beebower Productions. Hugh traveled to White Sands National Monument to take this shot. The tent needed to be evenly lit and that would require a studio strobe with a custom built diffuser. It also meant hauling a generator out to the sand dunes. Once he got to the location, the model had to walk out on the sand dune without leaving a visible trail in the sand. As the sun sank behind the dune, he fired off shots rapidly.

Beebower Productions This snowy morning sure looks better than parts of the iced-over south today. Hugh took this photo near Mt. Shasta, California years ago in less than ideal circumstances. Read all about it at .

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