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Beebower Productions. Hugh and his model hiked in the dark to this lake at Vermejo Park Ranch. They lugged camera bags, tripods and, of course, fly fishing gear. The idea was to capture a sunrise fly fishing shot. The sunrise gave a glow to the fisherman. Hugh was lucky because there were dramatic clouds that lit up with warm colors as the sun hit them. And he purposely chose a yellow line on the rod because it would snap out clearly from the background.

Beebower Productions A glowing sunrise coming up over this mountain range near Raton, New Mexico caused Hugh to slam on the breaks and scramble to get his camera out in time to take this picture. He knew he had the beginnings of a great Old West photo. When he got home, Hugh located the other “part” of the photo. He smoothly blended the mountains and the stagecoach to create a piece of Old West art.

Beebower Productions This snowy morning sure looks better than parts of the iced-over south today. Hugh took this photo near Mt. Shasta, California years ago in less than ideal circumstances. Read all about it at . Dad took this photo Photo at Mary's Lake, Vermejo Park Ranch, New Mexico. #fishing #flyfishing #flyfishingart #newmexico #naturephotography