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From Accidental Hug To Walking The Aisle A Love By Chance Story Of Tayo And Esther =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Every Couple Has A Fascinating Story Of How They Met And How They Got Sprung. But Heres A Twist A Story Far From The Norm A Story That Starts With An Accidental Hug. Here's Tayo story: I went to visit a close friend in October 2014. When I knocked the door his younger sister welcomed me. I asked for my friend she said he just went to a nearby filling station…

Every day you make me smile You let me know you care You help me see the good in things And for me you're always there Everyday I thank the Lord For having given me The very best that I can have That is, all my friends, you see! HUGS "A hug from me to you!" Thank you so much for your friendship it means so much to me! SMILES

"To all of my family and friends who listen to me when I'm angry, hug me when I'm sad and laugh with me (or sometimes at me) whenever they can. I just wanted to say thankyou for being there for me. And I just wanted to tell you I love you" I love my friends so much! <3

Awhile back lost my only two friends the only two I cared about in life. I had a bad day today and as I was crying I ran into on of them and all he did was hug me once I calmed down he asked what's wrong I gave him a quick spill not mentioning that I miss him I missed her and I wanted them back I need them I love them they are my best friends and I wish I told him that I wasn't crying for no reason and in fact about them and I'm sorry I messed up and I wish it could all go back to the way…

it's the opposite for me, my friends friend goes around hugging everyone including me & I'm like whoa there ok

I couldn't resist sharing a photo of one of my favorite bridal bouquets of 2015 with my Valentine's post today! I'm taking the 15 day @amazinglifetogether Instagram challenge & today is day 1! I'm reminiscing about my first date with James which I can hardly believe will have been 9 years ago this April! James and I had met for the first time just a week prior at our friend's birthday party talked on the phone & casually hung out with friends once since... but Easter Sunday (when I got back…

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Christmas Card to Friends

Christmas Card to Friends A friend of mine, Grant Harold, sent me a song he wrote for Chrismas this year, and I liked its simple message. So I rang my friend Nathan Deceasar and asked if he wanted to join me in turning it into a card for friends. Grant and Nathan and I call our little trio "Group Hug" I hope these holidays have been a time that you've gotten to share with people you love. ---------------------- Song: Christmas Is Free. Grant ...

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Insecure Boyfriend? What to Do When He’s Weird Around Your Guy Friends

With the girls, he was friendly and easy going but, around my male friends, he was weird—almost a jerk. For example, he told one guy friend that he needs to stop “hugging me for too long”. He told another guy friend to stop texting me “after hours”. Obviously, this is crazy, since these are my guy FRIENDS and nothing more—no history, no desire, no anything. I’m surprised that he acted like such an insecure boyfriend and am annoyed. Is this something I can change?