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TUTORIAL!!! Free DIY directions to make your own gnomes! These are made using the largest peg people it seems. The LINKS to each gnome is at almost the BOTTOM of the blog page, past the adorable photo's of the baby playing with them :). Just look for the names of each gnome and click :)

"you're driving a blue priest, you have an 8 pound Chihuahua on you lap and you have pretty christmas decorations all over the back of you're car and you make a livin' with dolls"

Chalk up another victory for the gay and lesbian lobby. They managed to stir up so much of a ruckus that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed a measure the State Legislature passed to safeguard the r...

'When Hopelessness is a Good Thing' - Hopelessness is only good when we turn to God, as our only hope. Hoping in anything other than God will always lead to disappointment.

I adore these hairy muscle men by Nichol of Pink Cheek Studios. I’m especially attracted to the hairy-chested ones. Just sayin. Go to Nichol’s post.

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