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Steller’s Jay – Learn All About the #Bird o' the Day – Backyard #WildBird Directory –

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Common Grackle

Learn About Your Backyard Birds – Backyard Wild #Bird Directory – Common #Grackle

Random Pictures Of The Day - 55 Pics

The Black Woodpecker - Dryocopus martius, is a large woodpecker that lives in mature forest across the northern palearctic. Photo by 35Photo.

The Very Early Bird: How To Scout Winter Turkeys --Field & Stream by M.D. Johnson

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Lion and butterfly

I adore this pic! It's one of the cutest things that ever happened!

No, this isn’t a piece of jewelry. It’s actually an insect called the imperial tortoise beetle (Stolis imperialis). Dazzling, yes?

I AM going to get a falcon!!! Then people can brag about their pets all they want, and I can just reply, "I have a falcon." Unless they have a monkey, I win.